At INTERMED we created "Salud en Control" a cutting-edge system that promotes the integral well-being of Mexicans through the creation of a culture of control for health.

At INTERMED we are governed by total control to guarantee 100% compliance with our users' recipes.

Control for your health 


From 2007 to December 2016, our "Salud en Control" program has served more than 20 million people in Mexico.

In our pharmacies more than 1.9 million prescriptions have been processed per month, which were guaranteed to be 100% filled.

Today, we reinforce our commitment to the health of Mexicans through the operation of 440 surrogate pharmacies and the distribution of medicines in more than 1,000 pharmacies throughout the country.

At INTERMED we are the pioneers in Mexico in:

Grant 100% redeemable vouchers to ensure the delivery of all prescription drugs.

Provide home service for the elderly and disabled.

Health in Control, 100% Guarantee materializes our commitment to the health of Mexicans by offering the best medicine supply service in the national health system.