In 2007 we were the pioneer company in Mexico in providing a comprehensive surrogacy service for the health system. At INTERMED we guarantee "Control for your Health" by providing security, quality, savings and control in the administration, distribution and storage of medicines in health institutions in Mexico.

We strengthen the health system with the guarantee of full supply of prescriptions and we promote the modernization of the health service through:

• State-of-the-art pharmacy automation 
• The savings generated in public spending 
• Control and security in the quality and supply of medicines

At INTERMED we work day by day complying with the rules and regulations of the Mexican authorities, in order to provide maximum control in our drug distribution and storage processes.

Our culture

Provide 100% of medications Tendered causes and inventories administered by the state and federal governments, through the timely request and monitoring of the necessary keys, the correct reception, storage, distribution and dispensing to the users of the Health Services, in order to contribute to the health of The beneficiaries.

Be the best work team, professional, organized, entrepreneurial and innovative that provides a service of dispensing medicines with quality and total opportunity.

Our work is inspired by the following pillars: Quality, Safety and Vanguard.